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"This was a really good experience working with Brooks and Davis and they were able to do what our previous realtor couldn't do; sell our house."

--The Watsons



Most people that are selling a home are concerned about the commission amount,  will it take a long time to sell, and will you get me the most money! BUT WAIT, THERE'S SO MUCH MORE...

Below are the ways we bring VALUE to our clients


We offer a SALES GUARANTEE that if you list the home for what we recommend, at the commission amount we are asking, If we don't sell it in 90 days then you won't have to pay us our portion of the commission and we will continue to market the home until it sells

Our CONFIDENTIALITY & PRIVACY PLEDGE  that if you contact us, whatever we discuss and your contact information will be kept in complete confidentiality and your privacy will be respected. 

Get a  FREE CUSTOM REPORT of  your home's market or subdivision. All you need is your  1.) property address and your 2.) contact information and SUBMIT YOUR REQUEST. Want to see an example of what the report looks like?  

We have a HOT LIST OF BUYERS. These are 100's of investors and individuals that have been looking for that right house and it just might be your house.

We PROSPECT FOR BUYER'S DAILY. Everyone in our office spends several hours a week on the phone reaching out to contacts and selling the homes for our clients. In addition we have a dedicated LEAD MANAGER that spends hours daily on the phone looking for BUYER'S for your home.

We UPDATE OUR CLIENTS WEEKLY at the least. In some instances we have to speak with our clients everyday depending on the circumstances and for the most part you will get a call from our CLIENT CARE MANAGER for an update on the progress of the sell of your home every Friday.

PLACE A SIGN IN YOUR YARD AS EARLY AS THE SAME DAY, which is the 2nd highest percentage of where buyer's come from. Click on the picture to see the study that the National Association of Realtors(NAR) did concerning where BUYER'S come from... 

We PRICE WATCH,  so as the Real Estate Market shifts daily we interpret the market and GIVE OUR CLIENTS FEEDBACK.
We'll do VISITS/INSPECTIONS OF VACANT PROPERTIES, in the event you are an out of town or in town seller and you need some assistance in keeping an eye on the property.

All of our CLIENTS are invited to our CUSTOMER APPRECIATION FUNCTIONS, that we host through out the year. 

We offer the convenience of ONE STOP SHOPPING,  

If you have a DISTRESSED SITUATION and are looking to AVOID FORECLOSURE we have CERTIFIED DISTRESSED PROPERTY EXPERTS that are a part of our team to guide you. CLICK HERE to go see more of how we can HELP.



  • Add your home to HAR.com where it will gain exposure to 29,000 REAL ESTATE AGENTS, 1.6 MILLION MONTHLY CONSUMER VIEWS, and 39 MILLION MONTHLY PAGE VIEWS. Don't believe me, CLICK HERE to go to HAR's Advertising information page.  
  • Add your home on REALTOR.COM, TRULIA.com, ZILLOW.com, and REDFIN.com at no additional cost 
  • Your property will be FEATURED ON OUR COMPANY WEB SITE as well as CRAIGSLIST.com, FACEBOOK. and MANY OTHER WEB SITES. Click on the picture to see the web site distribution chart 
  • Create a YOUTUBE.com video of your home.
  • Place your property on our OFFICE LISTING BOARD and in our OFFICE LISTING BINDER so when every Brooks & Davis Real Estate Salesperson sees what properties we have for sale they will see your property.
  • Sign up with CENTRALIZED SHOWING SERVICE to ensure that if an agent is interested in showing your home to his buyer, the agent won't have to worry about not being able to reach someone on the phone to schedule and coordinate the appointment with you.
  • We will PRE-QUALIFY every and all BUYER'S before wasting your time with any offers from people that are not able to buy.
  • We will host BROKER & PUBLIC OPEN HOUSES in the event your home is good candidate for using this market method. Some agents use open houses to gather buyers for themselves. We will make sure to evaluate your property and conclude if it is a candidate that can be SOLD through the use of an open house.
  • Once you accept an offer we will MANAGE THE TRANSACTION from contract to the closing table.

Any other Questions??

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