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Is a marriage license free if we successfully complete an 8-hour marriage training course?

The $60 state portion of the marriage license fee will be waived if you complete an approved premarital training course and present your certificate to the county clerk. Counties may add up to $12 in additional fees to a marriage license. Those local fees will not be waived.


If we complete a course, do we have to wait 72 hours before getting married?
The county clerk will waive the 72-hour waiting period for couples who present a certificate of completion proving they completed an 8-hour premarital training course.


Once we have completed a premarital training classes and get a certificate, how long is the certificate good for?
The certificate is good for one year and serves as proof that the couple is eligible for the discounted marriage license fee and can waive the 72-hour waiting period.


My church offers marriage counseling classes. Do those classes qualify for the certificate?
The classes qualify if they meet the requirements and your church has registered the curriculum with HHSC. Organizations offering a faith-based curriculum can charge a fee to those who attend. If your church or faith-based group has a curriculum that meets the minimum requirements, the course can be added to the accepted list by registering the organization and the curriculum with HHSC.

Learn more from Marriage Educator Quinn Lewis
Her dynamic curriculums include:  

  1. Prepare to Enrich
  2. Saving Your Marriage Before it Starts
  3. Fireproof
  4. 5 Love Languages

Hear about Conflict Resolution, Parenting, Finances, Goal Setting, Active Listening Skills, Roles and Unspoken Rules, Religion, Sex, and Communication. The courses train couples to build a healthy relationship through  interactive techniques that  include workbooks, exercises, games, and videos

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